MVP’s Origin Story revolves around our beginning and early commitments to help our community achieve a better pharmacy experience through convenience and care. With our inclusive list of pharmacy services, we are able to service not only the patients of our communities, but the businesses as well! Being born and raised in Las Cruces our owners have come full-circle and are dedicated to not only enhancing the pharmacy experience of our city, but ultimately transforming the level of care patients are able to receive from their pharmacy.




When was MVP Created?


It was 2018 during the founder’s final year of schooling when the story began. The founders had just finished their curriculum at the Anderson School of Management and were getting ready to graduate from the UNM College of Pharmacy with both their PharmDs & MBAs.  They had just entered into a business plan competition with an idea for a local business in their hometown.



Why Independent Pharmacy?



Throughout their schooling they were fortunate enough to experience all walks of pharmacy, but one field in particular was independent pharmacy. They all had worked corporate retail pharmacy during their time as students, but it wasn’t until their 4th year in which they were able to experience the difference independents could make for patient’s lives. They realized that although they were able to help patients in their current positions, they weren’t able to take care of them in the same way they knew they were able to while working independent. So, they took that experience and transformed it into their idea for the business plan competition, which was none other than MVP.



Why Las Cruces?



The founders realized the need their hometown had for that old-school pharmacy feel. That need for a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who truly care. A pharmacy that treated them like a human being instead of just another number. A pharmacy that could actually deliver on their promises. As it turns out, the judges of the competition must have realized the same thing! As they awarded the team 1st place in the competition with a grand prize of $25,000. Which allowed the team to carry out the dream of opening an independent pharmacy in their hometown of Las Cruces.



    Origin Story vs. Current Day.



    What began in an 800 Sq Ft. office space off of Wyatt Drive has now transformed into a 4700 Sq Ft. location in the heart of Las Cruces as part of the downtown revitalization project. Las Cruces used to have a pharmacy located downtown and we thought it was about time we brought that back. For over three years we worked tirelessly laying the foundation for a better pharmacy experience, and now we are ready to serve our community as the premier independent pharmacy.

    With services ranging from remote patient monitoring, delivery, curbside pickup, Covid testing and vaccination, to subscription-based healthcare, MVP is THE pharmacy solution for both patients and businesses of the Mesilla Valley.

    We put the focus on our community, because Las Cruces is just that…. OUR COMMUNITY. Our owners grew up in this city. Our families reside here. We are establishing families of our own here. So, when we talk about being community focused, we mean it.




    For questions or comments call us at: 575-323-2093

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