The $25,000 business plan that won first place


This business plan was written by our founders as 4th year UNM College of Pharmacy students who saw an opportunity in the Las Cruces long-term care pharmacy market. Their hard work and determination paid off, as they won first place in the 2018 UNM Anderson School of Management Business Plan Competition. Swipe through to view our plan.

2018 was a year of great opportunity and challenge for our team. MVP started as three pharmacy school students with a dream, determined to make it come true. When we heard about the Anderson School of Management Business Plan Competition, we knew this could be our chance to turn that dream into reality.

The journey wasn’t easy; over hundreds of hours we researched through cold calls and mentorships at other independent pharmacies before finally putting together our business plan. Every step of the way brought us closer to achieving our goal: creating an independent long-term care pharmacy in Las Cruces, NM – something which had yet to exist in the area but was needed desperately by so many people.

With dedication and hard work on top of already being knowledgeable business-minded pharmacy interns, our plan paid off when we won first place at the competition! Not only did it give us industry recognition as successful entrepreneurs from a respected institution but also gave us much needed financial help for startup costs like legal fees or equipment purchases. Winning first place truly helped put some wind beneath our wings and allowed us to soar higher than ever expected – setting up shop down at our first closed-door location on Wyatt Dr in Las Cruces just seven months after winning!

Today, four years later, what started with three pharmacy students has turned into one of the most well-respected pharmacies in New Mexico – all thanks to continually investing time and energy into researching markets needs while never forgetting where they came from. Our success story goes beyond business plans: it’s proof that determination pays off when you set your sights on something bigger than yourself!